Neolithic Culture jade object speaks its textile civilization 2000 B.C.

Qijia spindle-shaped bi L. 8cm, W. 8cm, 120grams

The object is identified as Qijia spindle shape bi based on the carving form and hole one directional drilling style. One hole is seen on each diagonal side of the bi. Antiquity evidences include differential weathering,exposed crystal plane, cleaving vein, dissolved pit and diffusive marking.齐家文化纺锤形璧, L. 8cm, W. 8cm, 120g。 本器黄玉雕琢,玉璧呈纺锤形, 有两端为直角, 两个直角附近各有单向钻孔, 另外两端为圆弧形, 冰裂纹增生晶体及扩散晕沁色古玉迹象明显。


This spindle shape jade bi may serve as the physical evidence that the Qijia culture has a highly developed textile industry.

Appraisal Indexes:

  1. quality of jade: 9
  2. rareness: 9
  3. historical and cultural significance: 9
  4. workmanship: 10
  5. size:4
  6. condition: 10


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