Argricultural Civilization of Xia Dynasty(夏代玉鉞)

Archaeological discoveries in the Xia Dynasty has found rice, wheat, beans, melons and other agricultural products. These jade  ax( d.24cm & d.18cm) is carved notches on both sides , three notches are  tilting backwards slightly, while the other three are tilting forwards. these notches symbolize the ears of rice or wheat. This may be a evidence of the Xia Dynasty agricultural development. In addition, the motifs of Xia Dynasty jades may serve more evidence that Xia Dynasty’ agricultural civilization.

夏代玉鉞製作工藝精美, 玉鉞從刀柄到刀刃而言,上端窄而厚,下端寬而薄表面呈平穩下降。 中間兩端各有六個齒牙,三個向上三個向下象徵著稻穗或麥穗。 本玉鉞可以能是作為宗教祭祀儀式使用的禮器,祈求五穀豐收。


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