On the Changing Form of Jade Antiques


According to “The Identification of Chinese Jade Artifacts” by Prof. Chien & Tan, some of the Liangzhu jade artifacts have shown twisted in shape or form changed due to the occurrence of extraordinary conditions of the environment where those jade artifacts have been buried.
This kind of conjecture seems not conform the common sense of the principle of physical sciences. Based on the principle of physics, such kind of material change in form needs a particular state of conditions similar to the original ones when the nephrite was formed billions of years ago. Furthermore, if such a shock effect has happened to the Liangzhu jade artifacts, it would have happened to everything in the surroundings which seems not the case.As a matter of fact, the abnormal shapes are not uncommon for many Liangzhu jade artifacts found. This phenomenon may be explained by the reason that raw jade should be fully utilized due to its scarceness. The jade artifacts are carved by as wasting less material as possible. The abnormality is due to the way original carved not due to the shape changed by outer force. It is not impossible that there are some kinds of particular cultural traits that are known yet.The jade Cong of Liangzhu Culture shown on this website is found the curved cut in each section of the queen’s crown which may be interpreted as the recording of the pass away of the queen. This consideration may help to clarify the factors affect jade identification.

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