Han Dynasty Jade Bi, H.17cm, W.15cm


Han Dynasty Jade Bi with two dragons attached  the outer edge of the bi. At the center is a two layer structure with a small bi circulated by a dragon. The surface is decorated by crop sprout motif with low relief carving style.


本器青玉雕琢,雙層出廓玉璧造形, 玉璧表面飾淺浮雕榖紋, 中心小玉璧與外圈玉璧間有鏤空龍紋,外圈玉璧外圈上方兩側各飾一龍, 一者身軀平立, 一者聳肩而立, 本器所飾三龍, 神態各異, 栩栩如生, 本器古玉跡象有章增生晶體, 擴散暈沁色及鈣化。