Han Dynasty Open Work Jade Bi Pair, H.15cm, W.11cm


dsc05195 (1)漢代宜子孫銘文玉璧對,高15公分,寬11公分

宜子孫鏤空銘文之玉璧造型盛行於漢代, 本器青玉雕琢, 玉璧外層表面飾榖紋, 玉璧中心飾鏤空子孫銘文, 子孫銘文兩側飾鏤空鳳紋, 玉璧上端出廓處飾宜子銘文,宜字兩側飾鏤空請鳳紋。 本器設計紋飾佈置疏密有致, 線條流暢,古玉跡象有並冰裂紋,增生晶體, 擴散暈沁色及鈣化。

pcA pair of Han Dynasty Open Work Jade Bi with script of ” good for the offspring”.

The jade bi with script of 宜子孫銘(good for the aaoffspring) is a popular form of jade in the Han Dynasty. Carved with beige tone of jade, the bi proper has two layers. The outer layer decorated with low relief crop sprout motif. The inner layer carved with open work style 子孫( offspring). The extend structure connected the outer edge of the bi carved with open work 宜( benefit ) character around with dragon and phoenix motifs. Antiquity evidences are cleaving vein, additive crystal, diffusive marking and calcification.(left image is a collection of Hunan Museum)

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