Warring States Jade Bi w/ Hunting Motif, H.13cm, W.15cm


本器青玉雕琢,雙層玉璧造形, 內層為具戰國風格之繩索紋玉璧, 外層為出廓造形, 頂端為雙龍紋,兩側飾鳳紋,玉璧表面具左右各飾持矛獵人, 補白飾鳥獸紋, 所有紋飾均為淺浮雕技法, 本器古玉跡象主要為樹根紋, 鈣化及增生晶體。

This Warring States Jade Bi is carved with green tone jade. The design is two rings with two phoenix attached on the edge of both sides. Dual dragons are sitting on the top edge. The outer ring of the bi is decorated with low relief hunting scene. At the center is a ring of robe motif. Both sides are identical design. Calcification is the main evidence of its antiquity.