Han Dynasty Jade Ax 漢代龍鳳紋青黃玉玉斧

2016-4-28-e596aee59c96-12Han Dynasty Jade Ax. H.12cm

漢代龍鳳紋青黃玉玉斧, 高12公分

本器為玉斧形制, 象徵一定的權威和至高無上的地位,在祭祀、出行、儀仗時都有持斧鉞的儀式都有使用, 本器青黃玉雕琢, 上端為面面相向之雙龍首, 兩邊為出廓鳳鳥, 下端開口有鏤空鳳鳥紋。  本器設計獨特, 刀工流暢細膩精美。 古玉跡象為差異風化及鈣化。

Jade ax is a symbol of power which only the royal members deserve. Carved with yellow green tone jade, This jade ax has two dragon facing each other on the top of the ax. On the edge, a phoenix is attached. On the bottom part, an open work carving style phoenix is presented in elegant flavor.