Ming Dynasty Open Work Dragon Phoenix Jade Cup 明代鏤空龍鳳紋游環青玉杯


明代鏤空龍鳳紋游環青玉杯, 高27公分

094本器玉杯青玉雕琢, 玉質晶瑩, 玉杯上端兩側開口處下方飾出廓及龍鳳首紋執耳游環,  全器表面飾刀卯式龍紋淺浮雕及陰刻回紋, 玉杯下端為碗形托盤, 本器之設計華麗, 刀工精美流暢, 給人一種目不瑕給的感覺, 古玉跡象有擴散暈沁色, 冰裂紋及鈣化等。

Ming Dynasty Open Work Dragon Phoenix  Jade Cup, H.27cm. Carved with green jade of extra fine quality, the cup has a form of Shang Dynasty wine cup. On both sides of upper opening, a dragon of open work carving style attached on one side, a phoenix on the other side. A loose ring hanged on each handle. On the whole surface, low relief abstract dragons facing each other are decorated. The open space is decorated with incised line square thunder motif. With mastery workmanship, the beauty of this jade cup, it should be a thrill to appreciate it in person. Antiquity evidences are diffusive markings, cleaving vein and calcification.

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