Qing Dynasty Jade Container 清代乾隆年製白玉壼, H.29cm

清代乾隆年製白玉壼, 高29公分

dsc00170本器羊脂白玉雕琢, 壼蓋上有一雙層蓮花鈕, 壼頸左abc右各飾花卉游環執耳, 壼腹正面飾正面龍首及龍身淺浮雕, 背面有乾隆年製減地陽紋, 全器刀工精美, 玉質晶瑩溫潤, 古玉跡象有差異風化及擴散暈沁色, 本器係清中期玉壼精品。Carved with mutton white jade, the container has a lid decorated with lotus. No both side of the neck, there are loose ring decorated with flowers. An imperial low relief carving style dragon is on the center of the belly  part of the container. A made-of-Qinglong year mark is located on the back. With mastery workmanship and fine quality jade, this must be a valuable Qing Dynasty artifact.