Spring-Autumn period(B.C.770-B.C.403) and Warring States(B.C.403-B.C.221)

warring-states-period-500-221-b-c-e-nThe carving style of the jade artifacts for the Spring-Autumn period(B.C.770-B.C.403) is derived from the late Zhou dynasty and develops into more detailed pattern. The bosom motif of auspicious cloud is the typical motif for early half of this period. The jade artifacts of the Spring-Autumn are favorable to many serious collectors. The jade carving of the Warring States(B.C.403-B.C.221) is of exquisite quality. With streamlined design, most of the motifs are dragons, phoenixes, dancing ladies and crops. The low relief on the surface of the artifact applies abstract and simplified motifs while those carvings extend from them apply realistic on001china260bce