Ming Dynasty Jade Knife Currency, 明代龍鳳紋玉刀幣




刀幣,又稱刀錢,是一種中國古代的貨幣名。可能是由古代戎狄生產工具的刀演變而成。戰國時期刀幣已流通於齊、燕、趙等國。 本器青玉雕琢, 結合出廓, 高浮雕及淺浮雕技法, 主體為刀幣形, 上端兩側為出廓鳳鳥, 刀幣一面為神面及鳳鳥淺浮雕, 一面為龍鳳紋高浮雕, 本器線條流暢, 刀工精美, 主要古玉跡象為鈣化。

Ming Dynasty Jade Knife Currency, H.15.5cm, W.10cm. Knife currency or knife money made of bronze was used in the Warring States around 200BCE. The object here is carved from beige tone jade. The main form is a bronze knife money with both sides of different carving style. On one side, incised line of god’s face, dragon and phoenix are decorated. The other side decorated with high relief dragon and phoenix. Mastery workmanship is seen.