Hongshan Culture Jade Cicada, 紅山文化玉蟬




carvingstyle5Hongshan Culture, Jade Cicada, L. 14cm, W. 11cm

Many varieties of jade cicadas are seen in the Hongshan Culture. This is rather a simplified one2_640_864 with big size head and shrinking the size of the body with low relief carving. The tail has a slanting upward shape edge to express the state of tweeting. All the antiquity phenomenon such as differential weathering, dissolved pits and additive crystals are available. Dual holes on the flank are seen with irregular rings.dscn3091

紅山文化玉蟬L. 14cm, W. 11cm。 玉蝉是红山文化中十分常见的形制. 本器之红山玉蝉是简化了的设计, 前端较大, 双眼突起, 蝉翼利用浅浮雕技法呈现, 尾部削薄呈向上翘起状. 前端底部有两个喇叭孔. 外表呈橙红色, 头部左侧下端钙化严重,有增生晶体。

Appraisal Indexes:

  1. quality of jade: 8
  2. rareness: 8
  3. historical and cultural significance: 7
  4. workmanship: 8
  5. size:8
  6. condition: 9