Shang Dynasty Jade Cong Carving Style 商代玉琮文飾探討

20131014092358_3205Shang Dynasty jades have elaborated motif carvings. It is postulated that the argument that jade without motif due to the saving of jade if it is of fine quality may not be true. The truth may be the jades without motif found in Shang tombs are jades of Neolithic period and collected by the Shang people as the case of Hongshan Culture jades found in Fuhao Tomb.

商代玉器幾乎都有文飾圖騰, 可是有些博物館收藏的商代玉琮卻是素面的, 過去有說法是大器不雕, 我認為事實是商人收藏了沒有文飾的文化期玉器, 婦好墓中的紅山玉琮便是一例.