Ming Dynasty Jade Tube明白玉花卉紋鏤空玉筒




宋•范成大<寒谷春生,熏葉氣、玉筒吹谷>.  玉筒係作香薰用, 本器白玉雕琢, 玉質溫潤, 玉筒蓋子碧玉雕琢, 玉筒花卉葉子鏤空滿雕, 本器刀工細緻精美,  葉脈線條深淺層次分明。 本器古玉跡象有差異風化, 皮殼包漿跡象明顯。

Ming Dynasty Jade Tube Pair, H.14.5cm

Carved with white jade, the objects are pair of censer tube. Both ends are green jade covers. The tubes are flowers open work with delicate multilevel carvings. This kind of censer tube sometimes may be used as the cricket container.