Warring States Jade Container 戰國植物紋方耳鎏金玉壼

20130603_02355                                                                                                              戰國植物紋方耳鎏金玉壼, H. 16cm, W.14cm. 本器鎏金玉壼, 兩側001-1有方式中空執耳, 全器鎏金淺浮雕花草紋, 底部圓形平座.本器古玉跡象有差異風化及增生晶體Warring States Gold gilt jade container. H.16cm, W.14cm. Carved with jade gilt with gold. The cover decorated with low Nonamerelief god’s face. Both sides of the container have square Shang Dynasty Din handle. The whole container has low relief leaves motifs.Antiquity evidences have differential weathering and additive crystals.