Warring States Jade Container,H. 26cm



The auspicious symbols of dragons and phoenixes have been layout ingeniously with three carving techniques of high relief, low relief and incised thin lines. On the top of the lid, stands a high relief phoenix shows high spirit with sharp eyes and raising feathers. On the surface of the lower part of the lid, lower relief motifs of curling dragon with the genre of the Warring States period are seen. The upper part of the main container is narrower than the lower part. Each side of the upper main container, inclined a high relief dragon with curly body. The dragon stretches the tongue out with a fierce appearance. On the surface of the middle part of the container, low relief motifs of abstract dragon and phoenix are layout symmetrical. The prodigious craftsmanship is almost beyond description and the motifs covered are so complete that they are sure to serve as the benchmarks of those of the Warring States. Antiquity evidences consist of diffusive marking, additive crystal and differential weathering.