Han Dynasty Silk Painting馬王堆一號墓T型帛畫



馬王堆一號墓T型帛畫,西漢帛畫。出殯時張擧的一種銘Noname旌,長205釐米,上端寬92釐米,制作精美、色彩鮮豔、線條流暢,充分反映了漢初繪畫藝術的風格和成就,而且以神話與現實、想象與寫實交織而成的詭異絢爛場景爲構圖,極具文化内涵,爲我國現存最早的描寫西漢當時現實生活的大型作品。(黃建淳加註)There are three stages of life cycles on the painting. The existing life stage is on the middle. The after death stage is under the life cycle. The heaven stage is above the life stage. On the upper left of the heaven, there is a toad which is a lucky symbol derived from earlier period and  transcend into later later period.Webp.net-gifmaker - 2020-08-06T115103.931