Qing Dynasty Jade Geese Set清連中三元玉鵝


Qing Dynasty, Jade Geese Set, H.5 cm, W.7cm, D.5 cm, 180 grams. Made from top quality Hetian jade, this three geese set is seen holding the lotus plant to imply the continuous passing of three major examinations which will lead to high ranking posts in the government. The pronunciation of goose in Chinese has the same sound like the name of the ancient examination system (科 )-Imperial examination. The head of the 1326000ad4d2a94a9ec7biggest goals is high implied the highest level examination is passed with high score or the first place. The Chinese translation of this carving is -continuous pass the various levels of the imperial examination連中三元. Antiquity evidence consists of differential weathering, cleaving vein, and diffusive marking. 本器青玉雕琢, 全器雕琢大中小三隻鵝, 鵝有科的諧音, 三隻鵝口中啣同一植物, 意涵連續高中之意, 整體意涵是連中三元.
Appraisal Indexes:
1. Quality of jade: 7
2. Rareness: 6
3. Historical and cultural significance: 5
4. Workmanship: 8
5. Size: 4
6. Condition: 9