Qing Dynasty, Jadeite plaque, 清翠玉玉珮7×5 cm

Qing Dynasty, Jadeite plaque, 清翠玉玉珮7×5 cm

1-15032416260c54Carved with jadeite, this plaque has the following motifs: monkey, peach, gourd, Ruyi. These motifs have particular meaning in the Chinese culture and custom. The monkey in Chinese is . The pronunciation of it is same as the Chinese which is a marquis. The peach in Chinese custom usually has the implication of longevity. The gourd in Chinese is , which has the pronunciation of that has the of lucky and good compensation. The Ruyi symbol has the meaning of your wish will come true. The antiquity evidences of this jadeite plaque with mastery workmanship are differential weathering and cleaving vein.
Appraisal Indexes:
1. Quality of jade: 8
2. Rareness: 5
3. Historical and cultural significance: 6
4. Workmanship: 7
5. Size: 4
6. Condition: 10

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