Han Dynasty Jade Container 漢代螭紋環狀執耳玉樽H. 16 cm

20141127002140本器黃玉雕琢, 玉樽蓋子及玉樽主體均有螭龍高浮雕紋飾, 玉樽蓋子上端為圓形短柱,
玉樽主體加雕龍鳳紋淺浮雕. 玉樽有一圓環執耳. 本器古玉跡象有差異風化及鈣化跡象.

Carved with yellow tone jade, the container has a pillar shape lid decorated with relief dragon. The main body of the container also decorated with low relief and incise lining dragon motif. Antiquity evidenced consist of differential weathering and calcification.