Shang Dynasty Sanxingdui Priest, H. >100cm 商代三星堆祭司 (92)



高 120 cm, 寬 45 cm 本祭司立像, 本器白玉雕琢, 頭部至頸部為一部分, 其他身體各部位為另一部分, 利用頸插入. 雙手握拳. 眼睛及耳朵三星堆文化祭司造型, 服飾為商代風格龍鳳神面紋淺浮雕.本器雕工精d02788e9b28b157ceff409美, 古玉跡象有差異風化, 溶蝕孔, 增生晶體65399-bt.

Carved with white jade, the Sanxingdui Culture style statue has two part, the head with neck, and the body. Motifs of Shang Dynasty are decorated for the dress and the foot.Antiquity evidences consist of additive crystal, dissolved pits and differential weathering.