Ming and Qing Dynasties (A.D.1368-A.D.1911)

downloadThe designs and motifs of Ming jades are rich in variety. In addition to animal and plant motifs, icons of rich, happiness, longevity are often applied. Deeply influenced by the painting arts, the painting style motifs are used in jade carving.
Jade carvings in the Qing Dynasty have developed as one of the high peaks in the Chinese jade carving history. Due to the fact that Emperor Qinglong himself is a connoisseur of jade carvings, jades carvings in the reign of Qinglong are both rich in quantity and high workmanship in quality.The proportions Webp.net-gifmaker (42)of the jade are meeting the requirement of aesthetics. The lines are correctly and nicely sketched. Straight lines and curving lines are skillfully constructed and elaborated curved. Some ancient jades have been re-carved or added scripts by the order of Emperor Qinglong. Sample Qing jades are as follows(click the image to browse):



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