A new concept of “perfect description” of for antique jade object, 古玉描述八大綱要

In my opinion, if you could depict the image of an antique jade object following the desc03711ription without looking at the original image, then it should be a perfect description. The degree of similarity between the description and the image is a criterion of the perfectness of the description. Following this logic, the basic elements at least include measurement, form, carving style, motifs and other details such as quality of jade, evidence of antiquity and condition of the object. My dearest reader, it is fun to give it a try!

古玉描述八大綱要:  1. 玉質, 2. 形制與功能, 3. 刀工, 4. 圖騰, 5. 時代風格, 6.古玉跡象, 7. 與出土文物比對, 8.收藏價值