A Collection of Hongshan Culture Jade Eagle 紅山文化玉鷹集

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Like a jade dragon, the jade eagle is one of the major jade forms in Hongshan Culture. The design of jade eagles of Hongshan Culture may be grouped into two major categories: abstract design Webp.net-gifmaker - 2020-07-15T161919.830and realistic design. In abstract design, the eagle has a square structure with its head shrinking into the body. In realistic design, the head of the eagle has shown neck. In theory, the abstract form eagle may be assumed to have existed in the earlier period of the Hongshan Culture, while the more realistic form appeared later. All the images here are from museums all over the world, the lower right image is from the Palaceantique Gallery Collection. 玉鷹與玉龍同為紅山文化之主要圖騰. 紅山文化玉鷹的呈現可大別分為抽象式及寫實式兩大類: 抽象式玉鷹, 頭內縮接近於肩平行, 寫實式玉鷹則頭部高於翅膀, 尾部個別羽毛明顯. 本文所採樣本均為中外博物館之收藏, 右下方之玉鷹則為皇宮古玉齋藏品.