Xia Dynasty Jade Ax, 夏代玉戚,D.24cm

005brpupgy6ok213maw1e夏代玉戚制作工艺精美, 玉戚从刀柄到刀刃而言,上端窄而厚,下端宽而薄表面呈平稳下降。 中间两端各有六个齿牙,三个向上三个向下象征着稻穗或麦穗, 可能是作为宗教祭祀仪式使用的礼器, 祈求五谷丰收,  本玉戚有明显溶蚀孔古玉迹象。crop

Archaeological discoveries in the Xia Dynasty has found rice, wheat, beans, melons and other agricultural products. This jade  ax( d.24cm) is carved notches on both sides , three notches are  tilting backwards slightly, while the other three are tilting forwards. these notches symbolize the ears of rice or wheat. This may be a evidence of the Xia Dynasty agricultural development. In addition, the motifs of Xia Dynasty jades may serve more evidence that Xia Dynasty’ agricultural civilization.

Proverb: True blue will never stain (English).

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