Lapel styles shown on the Antique Jades (50) (51) (52)


Lapels are the folded flaps of cloth on the front of a jacket. According to Xian Wen of The Analects, “But for Guan Zhong, we should now be wearing our hair unbound, and the lapels of our coats buttoning on the left side.” (論語.憲問:「微管仲!吾其被髮左衽矣!」)In this record, the lapel is always cross right in central China, while lapel is always cross left in areas outside central China from the Zhou Dynasty.  Furthermore, it is postulated that dresses wearing on the occasions preying to Deities always have lapels cross right, no matter the actors are priests or dancing ladies. Some antique jades have cross left lapels for women, we assume that women wearing cross left lapels are for daily life, while women wearing cross right lapels are for the occasions preying to Deities.