Qing Dynasty Jadeite Bangle, 7.6cmx5.6cmx1.2cm, 與故宮珍藏相輝映的清代翠玉手鐲

159345884207476403Carved with natural jadeite, the object is a bangle. The jadeite itself consists of brown, green and transparent to form tricolors which elaborated to mean luck, wealth and long life. In addition to the exposed plane to identify its natural jadeite nature, the object is seen ancient tool marks to confirm it is an “A” quality Qing Dynasty bangle. (the two bangles at the bottom of the article are the Qing Dynasty bangles collection in the National Palace Museum in Taipei). 本器翠玉雕琢, 形制為手鐲, 翠玉帶有褐色, 與綠色, 透明色一起呈現, 俗稱三彩, 引伸為福, 祿, 壽之意. 本器除了呈現蠅翼現象證明為天然翡翠外, 古代刀工痕跡明顯, 實乃清代A貨手鐲, 毋庸置疑, 此外, 本器具有溫潤感. ( 本文最下方兩枚為台北故宮博物院所藏清代手鐲).