48. Han Dynasty Inscribed Jade Bi with low relief carving, D. 18 cms, T. 1.1cm

本璧和田白玉雕琢, 玉璧正面兩側飾伏羲女媧淺浮雕, 伏羲女媧下方飾交錯龍鳳紋, 上下各飾絞絲紋表示兩性交合,漢代子孫繁衍生生不息. 補白處飾外圈飾如意雲紋, 內圈飾三角形紋表示地界, 以襯托天上的如意雲紋表示天地之間陰陽和合. 玉璧背面陰刻篆體班固漢書西域傳.輪台詔部分銘文” …漢武帝劉徹前一五六年前八七年三月二九日……二百農民起義四年前八九年下輪(台詔)… “. 本璧刀工精美, 紋飾構圖浪漫富神秘感, 銘文工整, 內容富歷史文化意義, 古玉跡象如差異風化, 溶蝕孔, 鈣化等明顯. (WSM琳晟坊藏品)

Carved with white-tone Hetian jade, the bi has been decorated on both sides. The front side is carved in low relief style with the motif of male and female ancestors standing on both sides with dragon and phoenix surrounded. An interlock rope twistedly connected to imply the intercourse between male and female ancestors. The open space is decorated with a cloud motif. The
backside has low relief seal-style scripts of the background of Luntie Decree from Treatise on the Western Regions by Bangu” 漢武帝劉徹前一五六年前八七年三月二九日漢武故事載其初漢第七位皇帝前一四一年前八七年在位傑出的政治家文學家漢景帝劉啟的兒子均為王皇後又漢文帝劉恆朝駕在位晚年多遭承敗社會矛盾日益戮銳關東達二百萬農民起義頻臨宮進發及巫蠱之禍以致太子自殺徵和四年前八九年下輪”( The extracted text provides background information why the Luntie Decree had issued.) With mastering carving, this bi has antiquity phenomena of differential weathering, dissolved pits, and calcification. Overall
speaking, this is an important Han bi with artistic and historical significance