42. Han Dynasty Inscribed Jade Bi , w/ yi zi sun(宜子孙) open-worked Extension , H. 35cms, W. 19.5cms, T. 0.7cms



本器和田青玉雕琢, 分玉璧及出廓兩部分.出廓部分, 由上而下飾鏤空金文體宜子孫三字, 頂端飾左右相背鳳鳥一對, 兩側各圍繞一龍盤覆於玉璧之上, 以示護衛著漢代子孫, 綿延不絕. 玉璧分為三層, 以深碾和去地浅浮雕雕琢, 最外層為象徵天地分界的繩索紋. 最內層為去地浅浮雕刀卯體鳳鳥紋, 象徵鳳飛九天之瑞相.  中間層金文字體陽刻 :”物換星移囧度秋閣中帝子今何在,升珠簾莫聲蔥山雨閑于燴景日悠悠保王鳴鸞罷”. 本器多處紋飾邊緣呈現以管鑽進行游絲毛雕的痕跡。本器差異風化, 擴散暈沁色, 石灰沁等古玉跡象明顯. 本璧雕工精美, 藝術及文化意涵濃厚, 是古玉專業收藏家必收之精品.

來源:  家族百年收藏


Carved with green tone jade, this bi’s structure is divided into two parts, the bi, and its extension attachment.  The bi is decorated with a rope motif on the edge and a dragon motif besides the hole, in between, it is scripted with low relief bronze wring style verse” 物換星移囧度秋閣中帝子今何在, 升珠簾莫聲蔥山雨閑于燴景日悠悠保王鳴鸞罷” (“Things change, it is the season of autumn, where are the emperor and his offspring? It is the summer scenery; the sun is leisurely protecting the wagon of the King.”) The extension is decorated with openwork (“宜子孙 “For the offspring’s benefit”) with phoenixes on the top and dragons on both sides. With mastery of carving and antiquity phenomena of differential weathering and calcification. It is a wonderful scripted Han bi with an extension for professional collectors to collect.