41. Han Dynasty Inscribed Jade Bi w/ Extension, H. 51cms, W.29.3cms, T. 1.2cm

本器和田青玉雕琢, 整體結構分玉璧及出廓兩部分. 出廓部分最頂端飾鏤空相對雙龍, 下方飾相背雙鳳緊接雙鳳飾一繩索紋圓環襯托龍鳳遨翔於天籟, 穿梭于祥云, 再下方飾鏤空雙龍盤附於玉璧上. 玉璧肉的部分三層, 最外層飾龍鳳紋淺浮雕, 第二層飾武士狩獵圖淺浮雕, 第三層飾篆體淺浮雕:” 青龍白虎朱雀玄武虛實乾坤洛陽懷舊洞庭賞龜” 等字, 孔的部分飾蟠龍.本器多處紋飾邊緣呈現以管鑽進行游絲毛雕的痕跡。本器差異風化, 擴散暈沁色, 石灰沁等古玉跡象明顯. 本器藝術及文化意涵濃厚, 加以雕工精美,是不可多得的漢代大型玉璧.

來源:  家族百年收藏

Carved with grey-white tone  Hetian jade, the overall structure is divided into two parts: a jade bi and an outline extension. For the extension, open work carvings of phoenixes and dragons are arranged from top to down. A rope pattern ring sets off the dragon and phoenix soaring in the sky. The part of the jade bi has three layers, the outermost layer is decorated with bas-relief of dragon and phoenix pattern, the second layer is decorated with bas-relief of samurai hunting pictures, and the third layer is decorated with bas-relief in seal script: “青龍白虎朱雀玄武虛實乾坤洛陽懷舊洞庭賞龜” etc., This object has distinct weathering, diffused marking other antiquity signs. This bi has strong artistic and cultural connotations and is exquisitely carved. It is a rare large-scale jade bi in the Han Dynasty.