Jade Fish, 长33.5厘米,高18厘米,厚2厘米

本器和田白玉雕琢, 整體結構為父子龍魚, 子龍魚盤附於父龍魚背上. 本器一面雕琢龍魚形象淺浮雕, 一面陰刻篆體”之之..道而禮.已杏不.人樂想慾賴故閒孝名其乃乎師留..都塵蕃都明乙又輔國盡.著德崇體亨所者后建之詣寬方服盡周以群符百.方養心親忠.后珠千之之孝.恕德合所文讓開島謂圖”落款建元.漢武帝除了北伐匈奴之外,也大幅開疆闢土, 而海南島在歷史上,也首次納入中國的版圖。開島謂圖可能就是記載這段歷史, 以父子龍魚表現更具意涵.此外, 本器差異風化, 石灰沁等古玉到代跡象明顯, 更是以形象藝術呈現之玉器精品, 值得專業收藏家的典藏. (來源:  WSM琳晟坊收藏)

This object is carved from Hetian white jade. The overall structure is the father and son dragon fish, and the child dragon fish plate is attached to the back of the father dragon fish. One side of this vessel is carved with the image of the dragon fish in low-relief, and the other side is inscribed in seal script. “之之..道而禮.已杏不.人樂想慾賴故閒孝名其乃乎師留..都塵蕃都明乙又輔國盡.著德崇體亨所者后建之詣寬方服盡周以群符百.方養心親忠.后珠千之之孝.恕德合所文讓開島謂圖 “In addition to the northern expedition of the Xiongnu, Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty also greatly opened up territory, and Hainan Island was also included in China for the first time in history. ‘s layout. The picture of this object may be a record of this history. In addition, the differential weathering, and calcification of ancient jades are obvious, and it is a fine jade presented in figurative art, which is worthy of professional collectors. Collection.