35. Han Dynasty Open-worked Jade Bi w/ reign Title Taishi, w/Open-worked extension, H. 36 cms, W.18.7, T. 0.7cm

本器和田青玉雕琢, 形制為鏤空出廓玉璧. 出廓部分以撫貼於玉璧外緣庇蔭大漢江山的神面為主體, 神面以左右雙鳳裝飾為神面雙角. 神面上方天庭, 中央圓環內飾鎮守天庭一蟠龍. 玉璧分為二層, 採天圓地方概念, 於玉璧兩層各飾一方形體, 以鏤空龍鳳紋裝飾, 孔的部分飾篆體太始年號, 太始(前96年-前93年)是漢武帝的第九個年號。漢朝使用太始這個年號一共四年。 本器構圖充分展現漢代神仙思想, 雕工精湛, 各紋飾的呈現更是 細膩生動, 加以差異風化, 擴散暈沁色, 溶蝕孔, 石灰沁等古玉跡象明顯, 是漢代大型鏤空出廓玉璧精品.( 來源:  家族百年收藏)

The object is carved from Hetian green tone jade and has the form jade bi with an extension attachment. The outline part is dominated by the divine face connected outer edge of the jade bi to protect the Han land. The divine face is decorated with left and right double phoenixes as the two horns.  The two sections of the jade bi are decorated with a square shape with open work phoenix patterns, and the part of the hole is decorated with seal script reign title (太始) Taishi, Taishi (96 BC – 93 BC) was the reign title of Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty. The Han Dynasty used the reign title Taishi for a total of four years. The composition of this vessel fully shows the immortal thoughts of the Han Dynasty, the carving is exquisite, and the presentation of each pattern is more delicate and vivid. With differential weathering, diffusive marking, dissolving pits other ancient jade signs, it is a large-scale open work jade bi with extension attachment in the Han Dynasty.