26. Han Dynasty Inscribed Open-worked Jade Bi w/ Extension, H. 36cms, W.21.5cms, T. 0.7cms

本器和田黃玉雕琢, 形制為鏤空出廓玉璧. 出廓部分中央飾由雙龍托住, 象徵太陽的火燄紋, 寓意大汉江山“如日中天” .璧的部分分兩層, 外層飾鏤空錨形吉祥符號, 內層雙面陰刻篆體銘文, 正反面銘文, 均取材自:《史記高祖本紀 正面: 無所詘。酒闌,呂公因目固留高祖。高祖竟酒,後。呂公曰:「臣少好相人,相人多矣,無如季相,願季自愛。臣有息女,願為季箕帚妾。」酒罷,呂媼怒呂公曰:「公始常欲奇此女,與貴人。沛令善公,求之不與,何自妄許與劉季, 呂公曰:「此非兒女子所知也。」卒與劉季。 落款劉邦. 反面 “中豪桀吏聞令有重客,皆往賀。蕭何為主吏,主進,令諸大夫曰:「進不滿千錢,坐之堂下。」高祖為亭長,素易諸吏,乃紿為謁曰「賀錢萬」,實不持一錢。謁入,呂公大驚,起,迎之門。呂公者,好相人,見高祖狀貌,因重敬之,引入坐。蕭何曰:「劉季固多大言,少成事。」高祖因狎侮諸客,遂坐上坐”. 孔內飾鏤空蟠龍. 本器雕工精湛, 各紋飾的呈現 細膩生動, 文字雕琢更是優美, 加以差異風化, 擴散暈沁色, 溶蝕孔, 石灰沁等古玉跡象明顯, 是漢代銘文出廓玉璧精品. (來源:  家族百年收藏)

The object is carved with yellow tone Hetian jade and has the form bi with extension. The center of the extension is decorated with a flame symbolizing the sun to imply the Han Dynasty is in its peak era.  The flame is protected by two dragons on both sides.  The bi is divided into two sections. The outer section is decorated with open-worked anchor shape auspicious motifs. The inner section has inscribed in seal script all taken from: 《史記高祖本紀Great Grand Father’s Annal  of”Records of the Grand Historian“. 正面“無所詘。酒闌,呂公因目固留高祖。高祖竟酒,後。呂公曰:「臣少好相人,相人多矣,無如季相,願季自愛。臣有息女,願為季箕帚妾。」酒罷,呂媼怒呂公曰:「公始常欲奇此女,與貴人。沛令善公,求之不與,何自妄許與劉季, 呂公曰:「此非兒女子所知也。」卒與劉季。 落款劉邦, 反面” 中豪桀吏聞令有重客,皆往賀。蕭何為主吏,主進,令諸大夫曰:「進不滿千錢,坐之堂下。」高祖為亭長,素易諸吏,乃紿為謁曰「賀錢萬」,實不持一錢。謁入,呂公大驚,起,迎之門。呂公者,好相人,見高祖狀貌,因重敬之,引入坐。蕭何曰:「劉季固多大言,少成事。」高祖因狎侮諸客,遂坐上坐”. (This is a brief family history of The Emperor Lieu Ban and the Empress of Lu). The hole is an openwork dragon. With differential weathering, diffused markings, dissolving pits, and calcification, above all, the carving of scripts is excellent. it is a large-scale Han Dynasty bi with an extension attachment.