22. Han Dynasty Open-worked Jade Bi w/ chun yi zi sun(長宜子孫) open-worked Extension , H. 36 cms, W. 22.5cms, T. 0.9cms

本器和田黃玉雕琢, 形制為出廓玉璧. 出廓部分由上而下, 飾篆體長宜子孫四字. 西周有“子子孙孙永宝享用”的记载,春秋也有“宜室宜家宜子宜孙”的记载 . 漢代的長宜子孫應該是承襲西周以來的說法而加以延伸. 長宜子孫四字兩側則以六龍圍繞, 左右各三龍, 首尾交錯疊起, 第一龍及第三龍尾部棲有一小鳳鳥, 戰國S龍風格濃厚. 玉璧分兩層, 外層飾六龍, 內層飾三龍. 各龍均呈現如意紋及鱗紋等細膩紋飾. 本器的雕琢主題應該是著重於子孫的繁延.  本器雕工精美華麗, 線條細膩宛約, 此外以鏤空雕琢呈現, 更是一件藝術傑作, 本器更具備差異風化, 擴散暈沁色, 溶蝕孔, 鈣化等古玉跡象. 是漢代不可多得的鏤空出廓有長宜子孫銘的玉器精品.

This object is carved with yellow-tone Hetian jade, and the shape is a jade bi with an extension. For the extension, four characters of 長宜子孫( benefit to the descendant forever) are decorated. ”  The four characters are in turn surrounded by six dragons in the style of the S-dragon of the Warring States Period. The jade bi is divided into two layers, the outer layer is decorated with six dragons, and the inner layer is decorated with three dragons. The theme of carving should focus on the reproduction of descendants. The carving of this vessel is delicate and in great detail. There are signs of ancient jade such as differential weathering and calcification. It is a rare jade bi in the Han Dynasty with an open-worked carving and the inscription of benefit to the descendant forever.