18. Han Dynasty Jade Bi w/ yi zi sun(宜子孙) open-worked Extension, H. 35.cms, W. 22.5cms, T.0.7cm

本器和田青玉雕琢, 形制為出廓玉璧. 出廓部分, 頂端中央飾象徵天籟的圓環, 下緣橫向飾篆體鏤空宜子孫, 左右相向由一雙龍龍首鳳身神獸環繞. 璧呈玉瑗形式, 淺浮雕紋飾, 上下飾神面, 上方左右飾騎獸人面鳥身的大鵬金翅鳥. 左右下方飾虺龍及虎首龍身神獸. 孔部飾蟠龍. 本器雕工細膩, 紋飾生動. 本器差異風化,  溶蝕孔, 石灰沁等古玉跡象明顯,  是漢代出廓宜子孫玉璧精品. (來源:  家族百年收藏)

The object is carved with green-tone Hetian jade and is in the shape of a jade bi with an extension. On the outer part, the center of the top is decorated with a ring symbolizing heaven, and the lower edge is decorated with an open-worked seal style carving “yi zi sun(宜子孙)” (benefit to the descendants). The bi part is In the form of yuen, with the low-relief decoration of divine faces on the top and bottom, and the upper and left sides are decorated with Garuda riding a tiger. With vivid decoration, the object has obvious signs of differential weathering, dissolved pits, and calcification. It is a fine jade bi with extensions and characters of carving “yi zi sun(宜子孙)” (benefit to the descendants) of the Han Dynasty.