16. Han Dynasty Jade Bi with Reign Title Jianyuan and w/ open-worked Extension, H. 31.3cms, W. 22.7cms, T. 0.9cm

本器和田青玉雕琢, 形制為出廓玉璧. 出廓部分頂端飾中央飾篆體建元二字, 由一圓環圍繞, 圓環則由龍鳳左右托住, 龍鳳僅以頭部區分, 身體完全相似. 玉璧區分為兩層, 內層飾穀紋淺浮雕. 外層飾青龍, 白虎, 朱雀, 玄武四靈淺浮雕. 四靈的紋飾以抽象手法, 誇張形式呈現. 身體各部位互換, 並加以美化. 本器雕工精美華麗, 線條細膩宛約, 誠然為一件藝術傑作, 本器更具備差異風化,  擴散暈沁色, 溶蝕孔, 鈣化等古玉跡象. 是漢代出廓玉璧不可多得的精品.( 來源: 家族百年收藏)

This object is carved with green-tone Hetian jade and is in the shape of a jade bi with an extension. The top part of the outline is decorated with two characters of Jianyuan in seal script in the center, surrounded by a ring, and the ring is supported by the dragon and the phoenix. The dragon and phoenix are only distinguished by the head and the body. Completely similar. The jade bi is divided into two layers, the inner layer is decorated with a low relief crop pattern. The outer layer is decorated with a dragon, tiger, phoenix, and turtle.  The carving is exquisite and gorgeous, and the lines are delicate. It is indeed a masterpiece of art. This device also has the signs of ancient jade such as differential weathering, diffusive markings, dissolved pits, calcification, etc.