14. Han Dynasty Kwei, Cong, Huang, Bi combination with Reign Title Yuan Ding, H. 35.8cms, W. 16.3cms, T.0.7cm

本器和田青玉雕琢, 形制為圭琮璜璧合體. 頂端為玉圭, 玉圭飾立姿天帝淺浮雕, 下方連接單節神面紋玉琮, 玉琮下方飾由圓圈圍住的篆體元字, 元字下方飾璜形神面, 元字及神面左右飾立姿人面龍身玉璜. 兩玉璜連接玉璧, 玉璧分兩層, 外層飾上下左右四組鏤空神面鳳鳥紋合體, 內層飾上下兩組神面鳳鳥紋合體, 孔內飾篆體鼎字.  本器雕工精美華麗, 線條細膩宛約, 涵蓋圭琮璜璧四瑞, 並以神面為主要紋飾, 誠然祥瑞及獲諸神庇佑之意甚濃, 此外以鏤空雕琢呈現, 更是一件藝術傑作, 本器更具備差異風化, 擴散暈沁色, 溶蝕孔, 鈣化等古玉跡象. 是漢代不可多得的玉器精品.( 來源: 家族百年收藏)

This object is carved from Hetian white jade and is in the shape of an open-worked jade bi with extension. The top part of the extension is decorated with a jade kwei, which is decorated with low-relief patterns of the Emperor of Heaven. The lower part is decorated with a mountain-shaped object followed by an open-work seal script (元) Yuan character, together with the open-work seal script (鼎) Ding and in the hole of the jade bi, indicating the reign title of Yuan Ding. Below the Yuan character is decorated with a divine face, and on both sides of the Yuan character are decorated with huang which has a dragon lying inside. A divine face is decorated below the character Yuan and a standing dragon next to the jade bi. The jade bi is divided into two sections. The outer section is decorated with two sets of open-work carvings of god’s faces at the four corners facing each other. The inner section is decorated with low relief of god’s faces facing each other. In terms of cultural significance, the bi is mainly composed of four auspicious elements of the Chinese jades, incorporating auspicious elements of gods, dragons, and phoenixes, praying for auspiciousness and prosperity in the Yuan Ding era. As far as the autistics are concerned, the object is exquisitely carved in great detail, and the presentation of each pattern is vivid. In addition, the object had signs of differential weathering, diffusive marking, and dissolved pits. It is a truly fine jade bi with the extension of the Han Dynasty.