13. Han Dynasty Inscribed Jade Bi with Reign Title Jianyuan and w/ open-worked Extension, H. 35.8cms, W. 19.4cms, T.0.7cm

本器和田青玉雕琢, 形制為出廓玉璧, 出廓部分以圭形外框為主體, 框頂端由左右相向二龍環繞, 框架左右由相背二鳳鳥環繞, 鳳鳥下方連接由圓環框住左右篆體建字, 元字. 框內由上而下飾風格不同的三個神面, 並以雙龍左右環繞. 玉璧分兩層, 外層飾上下鏤空相背雙龍, 左右鏤刻吉祥紋, 內層正反兩面陰刻輪台詔銘文: 正面” 軍士死略離散,悲痛常在朕心。今請遠田輪台,欲起亭隧,是擾勞天下,非所以優民也。今朕不忍聞。大鴻臚等又議,欲募囚徒送匈奴使者,明封侯之賞以報忿,五伯所弗能為也。且匈奴得漢降者,常” , 背面” 提掖搜索,問以所聞。今邊塞未正,闌出不禁,障候長吏使卒獵獸,以皮肉為利,卒苦而烽火乏,失亦上集不得,後降者來,若捕生口虜,乃知之。當今務,在禁苛暴,止擅賦,力本農,修馬複令”, 落款”劉徹”. 本器雕工精美華麗, 線條細膩宛約, 以神面為主要紋飾, 祈求諸神庇佑之意甚濃, 此外以鏤空雕琢呈現, 更是一件藝術傑作, 本器更具備差異風化, 擴散暈沁色, 溶蝕孔, 鈣化等古玉跡象. 是漢代不可多得的鏤刻出廓銘文玉器精品.( 來源: 家族百年收藏)

The object is carved with Hetian green-tone jade and is a jade bi with an extension. The extension is dominated by a Gui-shaped outer frame. The top of the frame is surrounded by two dragons facing each other.

On the left and right-hand sides is the seal script to Jen and Fen characters. The insides of the frame of the Kwei are decorated with three different styles of god faces from top to bottom. The bi is divided into two sections. The top and bottom areas of the outer section are surrounded by double dragons. On the front and back of the inner layer are texts from the Luntai decree, signed “Liu Che”. The carving of this vessel is exquisite and gorgeous, the lines are delicate. With god’s faces as the main decoration, the bi is praying to the gods and hoping to obtain God’s blessings. This object has differential weathering, diffusive markings, calcification, and other ancient jade signs. It is a rare open-worked jade bi with extension and inscription in the Han Dynasty.