11.Han Dynasty Open-worked Jade Bi w/ open-worked Extension, H. 35.8 cms, W. 20.6cms, T. 0.7cms

本器和田黃玉雕琢, 形制為出廓鏤空玉璧. 出廓部分, 頂端飾象徵天庭的圓環, 圓環左右以雙鳳圍繞, 下端圓圈內飾翩翩起舞雙舞女, 下方飾神面連接玉璧, 舞女及面面左右由雙龍圍繞. 玉璧分兩層, 外層飾神獸紋, 中間層及孔則飾蟠龍及鳳鳥紋, 玉璧外下緣左右兩側飾鳥翼紋. 東漢的「說文解字」記載︰「巫,巫祝也,女能事無形以舞降神者也,象兩袖舞形,與工同意。」,「巫、工、舞、祝」四字意思相同,都是指用舞蹈與神溝通的人。歌舞不輟,表達了先民敬畏天地、對子孫繁盛、耕耘豐收、出征勝利的祈求. 本器造型獨特優美, 以雙舞女為主紋飾, 雕琢精湛, 細膩生動, 加以本器差異風化,  溶蝕孔, 石灰沁等古玉跡象明顯, 是漢代鏤空出廓鏤空玉璧精品. (來源:  家族百年收藏)

The object is carved with Hetian yellow-tone jade and is in the shape of open-worked jade bi with extension. The top part of the extension is decorated with a ring symbolizing the heavenly court. The bi, the dancing girl, and the face are surrounded by double dragons. The jade bi is divided into two sections, the outer section is decorated with auspicious animals, and the middle section and holes are decorated with dragon and phoenix.  The lower left and right sides of the outer edge of the jade bi are decorated with bird wings. According to 「說文解字」 “Shuowen Jiezi”, “Wizard, Wuzhu, a woman who can do invisible things and dance to please the gods, like two sleeves dancing, agreeing with the work.” The four words “witch, work, dance, and congratulation” have the same meaning.  All refer to those who use dance to communicate with God. Singing and dancing non-stop, expressing the ancestors’ prayers for heaven and the earth for the prosperity of their descendants, the harvest of cultivation, and the victory of the expedition. The object is unique and beautiful in shape, mainly decorated with double dancing girls, exquisitely carved, delicate and vivid, with differential weathering and dissolved pits, calcification ancient jade signs, it is a fine work of open-worked jade bi in the Han Dynasty.