9.Han Dynasty Open-worked Jade Bi w/ open-worked Extension, H. 35.7cms, W. 20.3cms, T.0.8cm

本器和田黃玉雕琢, 形制為出廓鏤空玉璧. 出廓部分, 頂端飾立姿天帝, 天帝身上飾如意雲紋, 雙手張開, 手掌向上, 意味著天帝在九宵雲外, 祝福天下蒼生, 天帝兩側飾龍紋, 下方飾鳳紋.玉璧分兩層, 外層上下左右飾四組龍鳳合體神面紋,內層飾上下左右四組天門, 孔的部分, 中央飾地界通天界的通道, 四方飾四較小圓形, 表示四個擎天柱. 地界的靈經由通天之道進入天界, 再通過諸神, 正式進入天庭, 朝覲天帝. 本器造型層次及對稱感濃厚,  天地諸神及天帝的理念體系完整, 加以雕琢精湛而細膩, 以及本器差異風化,  石灰沁等古玉跡象明顯, 是漢代鏤空出廓鏤空玉璧精品. (來源:  家族百年收藏)

The object is carved with yellow-tone Hetian jade and is in the shape of a jade bi with an extension. The top of the extension is decorated with a standing Heavenly Emperor decorated with Ruyi cloud patterns. His hands are open, and the palms are facing upwards, which means that the Heavenly Emperor blesses the world. Dragon is on both sides and phoenix patterns are on the bottom. The jade bi is divided into two sections, the outer section is decorated with four groups of dragon and phoenix combined god patterns, and the inner section is decorated with four groups of heaven gates.  In the hole part, the earth and the sky symbols are decorated at the center. A square frame is decorated with four smaller circles, representing the four Optimus Primes.  Spirits from the earth enter heaven through the hall to the sky, and then pass through the gods, and officially enter heaven, to worship the emperor of heaven. The concept system of gods and the heavenly emperor of this object is comprehensive. With mastery of carvings and the antiquity signs of differential weathering and calcification, it is a wonderful open work Han Bi with extensions.