4.Han Dynasty Double Joint Bi /w Coupling loose attachments, H. 29.5cms, W. 16.3cms, T. 2cms

本器和田白玉雕琢, 形制為雙聯玉璧. 大小不同的兩個玉璧連接一起, 左右以吉祥雲紋填補; 大小兩個玉璧造型相同, 外層突起, 飾勾聯穀紋, 內層為雙面三虺龍體的活動游環, 以龍首崁住玉璧; 本器製作巧得天工, 雕琢線條呈現凹凸弧度. 本器之用途可能作為結盟信物.   本器差異風化,  石灰沁等古玉跡象明顯.本器堪稱漢代雙聯玉璧精品 (來源:  家族百年收藏)


The object is carved with Hetian white jade and is in the form of a double-joint jade bi. Two jade bi of different sizes are connected together, and the left and right are decorated with auspicious cloud patterns; The double-sided three-horned dragon body forms a moving disk, and the three dragon heads are used to hold the jade bi.  The object may be used as a token for the two parties which are entered into joint military cooperation or friendship. Besides the design being spectacular, the lines of the carving are delicate and beautiful.  As far as antiquity is concerned, the object has signs of differential weathering and calcification.