4. Han Dynasty low relief carving jade bi, D. 33.7cms, T. 0.8cm

The object is carved with green tone Hetian jade with the form of bi and similar low relief carvings on both sides. The bi is divided into two sections. The outer section is decorated with the hunting scene showing the knight fighting tiger and similar fierce animals. Four auspicious characters of 侯(marquis), 相(Prime minister), 陽(Sunshine), and 樂(Happiness) are decorated at the four corners. The inner section is decorated with the four spirits of the green dragon, white tiger, scarlet phoenix, and black turtle coupling snake. Between the outer and inner sections, the Ruyi cloud pattern is decorated. At the hole, a crawling dragon is decorated. The carving of the object is vivid and delicate. As far as antiquity is concerned, differential weathering, diffusive markings, and calcification are presented.  It is truly a marvelous Han bi worth collecting for professional collectors.