Hongshan Culture Jade Cicada, 6cm x 3.5cm x2cm

Carved with green-tone jade, the object has the form of a cicada. On the bottom side, two connected holes are seen on the upper part. On the lower part, three ladder-shape curves are seen. On the front side, the head has two eyes on the right-hand side and left-hand side with the mouth at the center. Two big wings are carved on both sides of the back. Antiquity phenomena are differential weathering, diffusive markings, and ant legs signs. In addition, the firefly wings sign appears at the tail.

西周系璧,直徑3,5 公分.Western Zhou Dynasty jade bi, d.3.5cm

有獨特的圖像學意義, 紋飾以兩面表現單一內所有內容.一般古玉紋飾係以單面為範圍進行雕琢的 This bi is unique in terms of the iconology of jade bi. The dragon’s body lies on both sides of the bi.

本系璧凸面雙面一體雕琢, 淺浮雕蟠螭紋是唯一的圖騰, 系璧雙面為單一蟠螭所盤踞, 線條蜿蜒優美, 刀工具商周風格, 整體鈣化是主要的古玉跡象.