Han Dynasty Jade Auspicious Animals 漢代四靈青玉座

尺寸: 長 36 cm
說明: 本器青玉雕琢四靈, 四靈獸為青龍、白虎、朱雀、玄武。青龍為東方之神;白虎為西方
玄武, 天之四靈,以正四方,王者制宮闕殿閣取法焉。本四靈青玉座可能用作紙鎮或
筆架, 本器古玉跡象有差異風化及鈣化跡象.
年代: 漢代 Han Dynasty

Carved with white jade, Dragon, Tiger, Pheonix and Turtle coupling with Snake are the four auspicious animals according to the ancient Chinese culture.

starThe constellations or Xiù (宿) are grouped by the four directions, East, West, South and North.

The dragon occupies the East and contains the constellations:角 (Jiăo) Horn,亢 (Kàng) Neck,氐 (Dĭ) Root,房 (Fáng) Room,心 (Xīn) Heart,尾 (Wěi) Tail
箕 (Jī ) Winnowing basket

The tiger is in the West and contains the constellations:奎 (Kuí) Legs,娄 (Lóu) Bond,胃 (Wèi) Stomach,昴 (Mǎo) Hairy Head,毕 (Bì) Net,觜 (Zuǐ) Turtle Beak,參 (Cān) Join – Three Stars

The scarlet or vermillion bird is in the South and contains the constellations:井 (Jǐng) Well
鬼 (Guǐ) Demon,柳 (Lǐ) Willow,星 (Xīng) Star,张 (Zhāng) Growth,翼 (Yì) Wings,軫 (Zhěn) Deep emotion
The tortoise occupies the North and contains the constellations:斗 (Dǒu) Dipper,牛 (Níu) Ox,女 (Nǚ) Woman,虛 (Xū) Emptiness,危 (Wēi) Danger,室 (Shì) Room,壁 (Bì) Wall

Han Dynasty Thin Carving Plaque, 0.2cm漢辟邪獸薄雕

Applying the techniques of low relief and open work, this Han Dynasty artifact presents one god’s face, three divines and eighteen mythical animals on the jade plaque as thin as 0.2cm to compose a pixie with wings. The appearances of all figures which may be only the head, half and whole body of the mythical animals have been depicted vividly. This is a scene to carry the soul of human being to the heaven. Despite the difficulty of workmanship, the lines of the objects on the artifact are presented smoothly and elegantly,it is no doubt that this artifact is a masterpiece in jade carving.

dscn2407a漢辟邪獸薄雕, 長25.5cm, 寬20.5cm, 厚0.2cm

本器以辟邪作為外形, 在厚僅有0.2公分的玉料上, 以淺浮雕及鏤空的技術, 在辟邪之內, 刻有一神面, 三個仙人, 十八隻辟邪, 辟邪的形象或全身, 或半身, 或僅為頭部. 無論是神面, 仙人, 或是辟邪, 無不神態生動. 本器儘管雕刻的難度甚高, 線條仍然婉約流暢. 本器係以和田水料白玉雕成, 酷似在玉片上作畫, 誠屬玉雕藝術之瑰寶, 十分珍罕.S__2834442

Appraisal Indexes:
1. quality of jade: 9
2. rareness: 9
3. historical and cultural significance: 8
4. workmanship: 10
5. size:8
6. condition: 10

Western Han Dynasty Jade Rhinoceros, L. 22cm, H. 14cm


Carved with white jade, this jade container has the shape rhino with the young rhino standing on  the cover. Serving as a vessel containing wine, the whole body is decorated with low relief of auspicious motif. The main motif is a phoenix fabricated with stripes with Han Dynasty style. The major antiquity evidences are calcification and differential weathering.

rhinoAppraisal Indexes:
1. quality of jade: 9
2. rareness: 8
3. historical and cultural significance: 8
4. workmanship: 9
5. size:8
6. condition: 10
(left image is from Asian Art Museum of San Francisco)