Warring States Jade Priests, Height 29 and 30 cm, width 11.4 and 11.8 cm


Carved with white jade, the objects are couples of male and female priests. Wearing hats decorated with animal horns, the priests stand on special stand with dragons attached on the two sides and phoenix head with loose ring hangs on the beat. The priests  are practicing a worship with thumb and index fingers raising up. Antiquity evidences include differential weathering, diffusive markings, dissolved pits and cleaving veins. Workmanship of these unique and rare priests are excellent.


A Collection of Liangzhu Culture Motifs









The study of these motifs is important to determine the period of Liangshu Culture jades. Generally speaking,  it is postulated that simpler and raw design belong to earlier period while sophisticated designs belong to later period. The problem remained are what is the length of time span used to divide the period. Historic events may be served as a guideline for the solution of this problem.