The legendary He’s Bi, D.32.8cm, Hole D.5.2cm, T.0.8cm, 1390grams



Here we attempt to recover the evidence of the existence of the legendary He’s bi based on available historical records.  The evaluation dimensions consist of time event, form, material, dimension and cultural aspects of this bi. 本玉璧尺寸與山东博物馆馆藏鲁国大玉璧相同, 然而玉質, 設計及刀工則非該玉璧可以比擬.

20150817080121286Carved with top quality white jade, the object is bi with symmetric motifs and carving style on both sides. The plane of the bi is divided into two sections by a rope shape line. The outer section is heaven which is formed by four god’s faces. Between the god’s face has an auspicious motif carrying the meaning of gate to heaven. The god’s face is formed by two sets of the dragon which is formed by phoenix the major motif of He’s home country Chu State.




戰國青玉神面勾聯雲紋玉璧, Warring States Jade Bi, D. 13cm, T.1.1cm


本器青玉雕琢, 形制為玉璧, 雙面對稱淺浮雕工藝雕琢, 紋飾主體為戰國風格神面, 繩索紋及勾連雲紋. 外層四等分處飾神面紋, 內層為勾連雲紋, 內外層之間飾繩索紋. 古玉跡象為差異風化及擴散暈沁色.  Carved with green tone jade, the object is a typical bi. The carving style is low relief. Major motifs consist of God’s face, connected cloud, and rope.  Antiquity evidence is differential weathering and diffusive marking.

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戰國玉璧, Warring States Jade Bi, D.12cm


s__3448846本器白玉雕琢, 形制為三層玉璧, 最內層為玉璧中央之設計為三龍首戲珠, 象徵天地人三才. 第二層及最外層為戰國特色之神面, 龍鳳, 如意紋淺浮雕. 古玉跡象主要為鈣化層. Carved with white jade, the object is a jade bi consisted of three layers. At the center is a structure of three the three dragons playing pearl at the center. The two outer layers are decorated with low relief motifs of 158811531574355812God’s face, dragon, and phoenix. With mastery workmanship, the bi is well carved with antiquity evidence of calcification. The Warring States of similar motifs and carving style are shown here to compare.



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