Han Dynasty Jade Bi, D.19.5cm,T.0.8cm

001Carved with yellow tone Hetian jade, this bi is decorated crop sprouts on both sides. The edge of the bi has sharp angle with multi-level planes which is quite different from single level plane. This fact may reflect the advancement of harder tools and more skillful technique of the Han Dynasty.  Antiquity evidences include diffusive marking and differential weathering.

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Jade Bi Disk, H.10cm, W.7cm, T.0.6cm, 65grams

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This object of jade bi is designed to express three major sections: The outer ring with connected cloud of the bi-disk, the inner open work with one side seen “eternal happiness(長樂)” inscription( Changlegong is the name of the palace of the Han Dynasty), the other side seen dragon and phoenix motif, the dragon form attached on the top edge of the outer ring. The object may be used as a pass for entry to the palace of  Chanlegong . With mastery workmanship, this bi disk is pervasively populated with various archaic elements including cleaving veins, additive crystals and differential weathering.

Longshan Culture Notched Jade Bi, D.15cm

The design of the object is similar to unearthed in 1983,Graveyard #50,Zhang Jia Po, Chang An County, Shanxi Province. A collection of Chinese Academy of Social Science.)Notched Bi, D. 8cm, Longshan Culture, Unearthed from Li Village, Teng County, Shangdon Province,China 1978, a collection of Museum of Teng County, Shangdon Province. Antiquity evidences include additive crystal and differential weathering.