Qijia Culture Jade Cong 齊家文化玉琮

齊家文化玉琮, H. 9.5cm, W. 8cm

本玉琮的形狀結合圓形和方形的鑽孔有齊家文化特色。 其次,本玉琮為素面不同于已裝飾各種圖案後期玉琮,如差異風化,擴散暈沁色和溶蝕孔古玉跡象明顯。

11377164The plane of each side merges the round part of the center cylinder without clear boundary like the congs of other cultures. Similar items are seen in the National Palace Museum. Antiquity evidences include differential weathering, cleaving veins and dissolved pits.

Warring States Jade Cong, 戰國玉琮H. 30.4cm

Warring States Jade Cong (prismatic cylinder with four tiers) with Motifs of Dragon and Priests, H.30.4cm

The jade carving of the Warring States(B.C.403-B.C.221) is of exquisite quality. With streamlined design, most of the motifs are dragons, phoenixes, dancing ladies and crops to depict the theme of heavenly life. The low relief on the surface of the artifact applies abstract and simplified motifs while those carvings extend from them apply realistic ones.

p1234591a381785773戰國祭司龍紋玉琮, 直徑 7.8cm, 高 30.4cm, 重量 3.5kg

本器下寬上窄, 如同寶塔. 全器佈滿各種祥瑞紋飾, 精美絕倫.玉琮上端四面各一祥龍, 張牙舞爪. 下端則各有一祭祀官, 神情嚴肅.其餘的地方, 以兩邊銜接式的手法,描繪天上人間的歡樂, 可能是大動亂時代, 對歌舞昇平生活的嚮往. 就紋飾與刀工言, 祥龍符合戰國風格, 龍身上的遊絲雕法更是戰國玉器常見的線條. 本件推論為戰國玉琮自當合理.本件玉質為和田仔料青玉, 玉質晶瑩溫潤. 全器完整,呈透明黃綠色, 部分有水銀沁及石灰沁. 本玉琮玉質之美, 紋飾之華麗, 堪稱玉琮中最精美者.

Appraisal Indexes:

1. quality of jade: 9
2. rareness: 9
3. historical and cultural significance: 8
4. workmanship: 8
5. size:9
6. condition: 10

Liangzhu Culture Jade Cong良渚文化玉琮

This cong is similar in design but bigger than the one( H. 8.8cm, E.D. 17.6cm, Weight 6.5kgs ) unearthed from Fan Shan Graveyard, Chih Shan Village, Chang Min Township, Yu Hang County, Zhejiang Province,1986. A collection of Archaeology Institute of Zhejiang Province. Antiquity evidences include differential weathering, exposed crystal planes and additive crystals. Some spots  are seen black elements covered over the on the incised carving lines to confirm that the black color formed naturally  after the carving.

wKgBzFQ23AuAaRttAAiFQsN55h4003良渚文化玉琮, 高11.8cm, 射徑19cm, 孔徑 5.3cm. 重 11kgs

本器大於中國浙江省 1986出土余杭縣長命鄉雉山村反山墓地出土浙江省文物考古研究所藏之琮王(H. 8.8cm, E.D. 17.6cm, Weight 6.5kgs)
四個角落各有兩組神獸紋, 而各面中間則為兩幅神人騎獸紋. 各細線係由細斜線所組成. 神獸紋為淺浮雕. 本器差異風化及次生長結晶等古玉跡象明顯.

Appraisal Indexes:
1. quality of jade: 9
2. rareness: 9
3. historical and cultural significance: 9
4. workmanship: 9
5. size:10
6. condition: 10

Provenance: Private collection, USA