The design difference between Spring-Autumn and Han Dynasty jade tiger plaques

The jade tiger plaques in the Spring-Autumn period are carved with symmetrical motifs on both sides of the jade tiger plaques while those of the Han Dynasty are carved with different motifs on each side. In terms of artistic design, the jade tiger plaques of the Spring-Autumn period are a two-dimensional presentation while the Han Dynasty jade tiger plaques are a three-dimensional presentation. (The one on the left and the one below are the Han Dynasty jade tiger plaques from The National Palace Museum, and the bottom left is the jade tiger plaque of the Spring-Autumn period from The Palaceantique Collection USA).

西周龍胎形玉珮, Western Zhou Dynasty Jade Plaque, W.3.5cm



本器蘋果綠色澤和田水料雕琢, 以紅山文化龍胎為造型, 正面飾商周特色盾形圖騰及鳳尾形線條, 45度斜刀法雕琢, 背面為素面, 尾部附近有一交錯台階, 可能是未完工粗胚所致, 頭部及尾巴附近完全鈣化. Carved by apple green tone fine Hetian jade, this jade plaque has the form of baby dragon, one side is decorated with Shang and Western download-11dynasty style shield and phoenix tail feather with images (1)45 degree slant carving line, the other side is plain with a step near the head, may be a sign of semi finished article. There is thorough calcification near the head and the tail.


西周鳳紋玉珮,Western Zhou Dynasty Jade Carving Style 8cmx7cmx0.5cm (12)

dscn9807西周紀元始於B.C. 1122, 止於B.C.771. 西周玉器的刀工風格最大特色是單雙斜刀法, 有所謂45度大斜刀法, 此法至漢以後即失傳. The style of the carving for Western Zhou Dynasty is noted for its single and double slant incised carving which is known as the forty-five degree big slant carving and the technique has been discontinued after the Han dynasty. Most of the Western Zhou jade carvings are seen with mastery workmanship and streamline curves which are greatly appreciated by connoisseur collectors. The present object is a round corner rectangular yellow jade plaque. The four corners are decorated with 45 degree slant incise line phoenixes. There are round corner rectangular hole and round hole on the four sides to imply that this jade plaque may be used as clothe decoration.

Appraisal Indexes:

  1. quality of jade: 8
  2. rareness: 8
  3. historical and cultural significance: 9
  4. workmanship: 10
  5. size:4
  6. condition: 10