Longshan Culture (2800 BCE -1700 BCE)


Longshan Culture has derived its name from the remains of the Longshan Township of Shantung Province, China. Geologically, Longshan Culture covers mainly the lower part of the Yellow River, including the areas of Honan, Shensi and Shantung Provinces. Longshan Culture jade artifacts contain many varieties including jade kwei, jade arched pendant, jade tube, bi-disk and notched bi-disk most of which are carved elegantly and dexterously. Judging the motifs and the style of line carving, the Longshan Culture jades are believed to be the origin of Shang Dynasty jades. The eagle motif on one of the kwei is believed to be the origin of Shang Dynasty jade eagle.



Longshan Culture Notched Jade Bi, 龍山文化牙璧

The design of the object is similar to unearthed in 1983,Graveyard #50,Zhang Jia Po, Chang An County, Shanxi Province. A collection of Chinese Academy of Social Science.)Notched Bi, D. 8cm, Longshan Culture, Unearthed from Li Village, Teng County, Shangdon Province,China 1978, a collection of Museum of Teng County, Shangdon Province. Antiquity evidences include additive crystal and differential weathering.

龍山文化牙璧, D.15cm