Eye is a Unique Motif Element of Sanxingdui Culture眼睛是三星堆文化的獨特元素



Is there a connection of the Sanxingdui Culture eye and the eye symbol (The Eye of Providence) of the One Dollar bill of the US?

The eye in Sanxingdui Culture has been treated specially either as a single entity or to decorate on the body of the bronze statute. In addition, in the case of jade priest, eye has been transformed into a stick to imply the power of eyesight. 眼睛是三星堆文化的獨特元素, 它有時成為單獨的圖騰呈現於銅器或玉器, 或者成為整體雕像之飾物, 大多置於胸前. 有時則將眼睛設計成圓柱狀, 以突顯其千里眼之神力.

Sanxingdui Culure Jade Plague, H.2.5cm, W.1.8cm

S__3162120Carved with green tone jade, these small jade plaques have the imagesshape of mask of Sanxingdui Culture style. With the size of 2cm tall and 1.5cm wide, these jade masks have convex plane shape. There is open work mouth and three holes with one on the top of back side and two on the cheek of the face. These jade plaques may be used as clothes decoration. It should be noted the the holes of the plaque as small as 0.1cm diameter. Antiquity evidences are additive crystal and calcification.